Panarctic Flora


34 Poaceae


Notes: Elven and Murray: The senior Russian specialist of grasses is Dr. N.N. Tzvelev. Tzvelev (1976, PAF proposal) has often circumscribed species, and sometimes also genera, more narrowly than done in western Europe and North America. This inequality has been attempted adjusted for in the Checklist for the majority of taxa present outside Russia, where other viewpoints are available. Tutin et al. (1980, Flora Europaea 5) is still an authoritative viewpoint for Europe. Two major sources of information on North American grasses are Soreng et al. (2003, Catalogue of New World Grasses or CNWG) and Flora of North America Editorial Committee (2007a, 2007b, Flora of North America 24-25), which in numerous cases provide an alternative viewpoint. It has been more difficult to evaluate the taxa restricted to the Russian areas. The main reason has been the problems in cross-comparison of material and the language barriers. Much of the relevant literature is in Russian and, deplorably, inaccessible to most non-Russians and expensive to translate. These difficulties are most evident for the genera Agrostis, Bromopsis, Calamagrostis, Deschampsia, Elymus, Festuca, Hierochloë, Poa, and Puccinellia.

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