Panarctic Flora


341201 Trisetum sibiricum Rupr.

Geography: European (E) - Asian (N/C) - amphi-Beringian.

Notes: Two subspecies of Trisetum sibiricum are commonly accepted in Russian literature. The characters reported to distinguish subsp. sibiricum and subsp. litorale are mainly quantitative but concern several different parts (Rebristaya 1964b; Tzvelev 1976). Rebristaya (1964b) was skeptical of subsp. litorale as a taxon. She reported only a small geographical overlap between the races in northern Russia. Tzvelev (PAF proposal, comment) reported the two subspecies with much more overlap - in northeastern Europe, Asia, and northwestern North America - and thereby as largely sympatric. This might be due to technical application of some key characters. The North American records of subsp. sibiricum (Tzvelev: western and northern Alaska; Rumely 2007: the Yukon Territory) are doubted and here excluded. We enter the two subspecies with the ranges proposed by Rebristaya (1964b).

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