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41 Polygonaceae


Notes: Haraldson (1978), Ronse Decraene and Akeroyd (1988), and Karlsson (2000a) summarized the taxonomic options concerning Polygonum s. lat.. These authors stated Polygonum s. lat. to include two clearly different groups of genera belonging to different tribes: tribus Persicarieae with, e.g., Aconogonon, Koenigia, Persicaria, and Bistorta; and tribus Polygoneae with, e.g., Polygonum s. str. and Fallopia. They considered these two tribes to be as distant from each other as both are from the third tribe of the family, Rumiceae with, e.g., Rumex, Oxyria, and Rheum. Sanchez and Kron (2008) and Kim and Donoghue (2008) reached similar conclusions based on several molecular markers.

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