Panarctic Flora


3432 Puccinellia Parl.


Notes: Four rather different sections are represented in the Arctic: the stoloniferous sect. Paralochloa, the tussocky sect. Puccinellia with the majority of the species, the also tussocky sect. Pumilae, and sect. Pseudocolpodium. A fifth section, the short-rhizomatous sect. Xeratropis, approaches the Arctic in Norway.

A large number of species of Puccinellia are reported - and partly also described - from the Arctic (see especially Sørensen 1953). A certain reduction in species number is under way in North America, by synonymization (Consaul and Gillespie 2001; Soreng et al. 2003; Davis and Consaul 2007; Consaul et al. 2008b). We follow their proposals. A similar process is to be expected in Russia and perhaps in northwestern Europe in the future.

Higher Taxa