Panarctic Flora


343217b Puccinellia angustata subsp. palibilii (T.J. Sørensen) Tzvelev


Svalbard - Franz Joseph Land: Rare
Polar Ural - Novaya Zemlya: Scattered
Mid Arctic Tundra: Rare
Southern Arcti Tundra: Scattered
Shrub Tundra: Presence uncertain

Geography: European (N): NOR RUS.

Notes: Elven and Elvebakk: Puccinellia palibinii has been an ambiguous taxon, sometimes considered a race of P. angustata, sometimes as two species - P palibinii and P. fragiliflora - described on plants from the same locality in Novaya Zemlya. Our report of this species from Svalbard (Elvebakk et al. 1994) was erroneous. Tzvelev studied the relevant material in 1999 and concluded that it did not belong to P. palibinii. However, he identified other Svalbard specimens as P. palibinii.

Elven and Alsos: In Norway, Puccinellia angustata is restricted to Svalbard. Variety decumbens is only known from Svalbard where it is a fairly distinct plant even if it co-occurs with the main species. Two Svalbard specimens annotated by Sørensen as var. decumbens were inspected by Tzvelev and assigned by him to subsp. palibinii. We have compared the types of var. decumbens and P. palibinii and find them rather similar.

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