Panarctic Flora


343217 Puccinellia angustata (R. Br.) E.L. Rand & Redfield

Geography: Circumpolar.

Notes: Tzvelev (1971) considered Sørensen's Puccinellia palibinii a subspecies of P. angustata. We have been reluctant to accept this merger but that has been due to a misinterpretation of material from the single non-Russian site reported for P. palibinii, in Svalbard (Elvebakk et al. 1994). A re-investigation of this plant in 2010 (Elven, Eidesen, Alsos, Sergienko) show that it probably is distant from P. palibinii and P. angustata (it is entered below as P. sp. "Svalbard"). However, Tzvelev has identified other material from Svalbard as subsp. palibinii. This material is much more similar to Russian material and the type and we accept it.

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