Panarctic Flora


343221 Puccinellia sp. "Svalbard"


Svalbard - Franz Joseph Land: Rare
Mid Arctic Tundra: Rare

2n= 6x. - Europe (Spitsbergen). - Hexaploid in FCM, several populations (Eidesen et al. unpubl.).

Geography: European (N): NOR.

Notes: The plant reported by Elvebakk et al. (1994) as Puccinellia palibinii from the geothermal site Trollkjeldene in Bockfjorden, Svalbard, and that reported by Elvebakk and Nilsen (2004) as P. svalbardensis from Wijdefjorden, Svalbard, seem to be the same and to differ from both P. palibinii and P. svalbardensis as described. It differs significantly morphologically also from the other Puccinellias present in Svalbard, including P. angustata (Elven & Alsos field observ. 2009 and 2010; Elven, Eidesen, Alsos, Sergienko herbarium study 2010). We have not yet been able to identify it as any described species and enter it as a P. sp. "Svalbard".

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