Panarctic Flora


343213 Puccinellia porsildii T.J. Sørensen


Western Greenland: Rare
Southern Arcti Tundra: Rare
Shrub Tundra: Rare

Geography: North American (Greenlandic): GRL.

Notes: Soreng et al. (2003) commented that "This [Puccinellia porsildii] is probably better included in P. arctica", but they did not formally synonymize the names. Davis and Consaul (2007) synonymized the name with P. nuttalliana but we have not yet seen justification for that treatment. The western Greenland P. porsildii is fairly isolated geographically, and P. nuttalliana is rare or absent from most parts of northern and northeastern Canada (see map in Davis and Consaul 2007). We retain P. porsildii.

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