Panarctic Flora


342105 Agrostis alaskana Hultén


Western Alaska: Present only in the Borderline Arctic
Shrub Tundra: Present only in the Borderline Arctic
Bordering boreal or alpine areas: Scattered


2n= 42 (6x). - Far East (N). - Sokolovskaya and Probatova (1974a); Probatova in Bobrov (1979).

Geography: American Pacific: (ALA).

Notes: Murray and Elven: Agrostis alaskana reaches the Borderline Arctic in western and southwestern Alaska (Hultén 1968a; Harvey 2007).

Peterson and Soreng in Soreng et al. (2003) and Harvey (2007) synonymized A. alaskana with A. exarata. After comparing material of the two (ALA and S, including Hultén's Aleutian material of A. alaskana), we doubt this synonymization. We have, however, not inspected the types of var. aenea which could decide the question.

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