Panarctic Flora


342628a Poa abbreviata subsp. abbreviata

2n= 42 (6x). - Far East (N), Canada, Greenland. - At least seven reports. Only hexaploids have been confirmed.
Not included: Tzvelev (1976) reported three numbers: 2n = 28 (4x), 42 (6x), and 70 (10x). The report of a tetraploid from the Khibiny mountains in the Murman area (Sokolovskaya and Strelkova 1960) must be based on another plant as P. abbreviata never has been accepted or proposed from this region. The reports of decaploid or higher numbers (Flovik 1938; Sokolovskaya 1955) are also erroneous or suspect. Sørensen found Flovik's Svalbard report of 2n = ca. 76 (11-ploid) to be based on a specimen of P. arctica.

Geography: Nearly circumpolar: NOR RUS SIB RFE ALA CAN GRL.

Notes: In northwestern Europe, Poa abbreviata is restricted to Svalbard.

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