Panarctic Flora


342208 Festuca groenlandica (Schol.) Fred.


Western Greenland: Rare
Eastern Greenland: Rare
Mid Arctic Tundra: Rare
Southern Arcti Tundra: Scattered
Shrub Tundra: Scattered


Geography: North American (Greenlandic): GRL.

Notes: Festuca brachyphylla var. groenlandica, later raised to rank of species as F. groenlandica, is enigmatic. It differs from F. brachyphylla mainly in quantitative characters (Frederiksen 1982) and occurs in scattered localities in western and eastern Greenland. Soreng et al. (2003) accepted it (and with the highest "acceptance level 1"). Darbyshire and Pavlick (2007) included and mapped it for Flora of North America. In view of the large variation in F. brachyphylla elsewhere, we only reluctantly accept it.

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