Panarctic Flora


343402 X Pucciphippsia czukczorum Tzvelev


East Chukotka: Rare
Southern Arcti Tundra: Rare
Shrub Tundra: Rare


2n= 22 (3x?). - Far East (N). - Zhukova et al. (1973); Yurtsev and Zhukova (1978).

Geography: Asian Beringian: RFE.

Notes: Elven and Solstad: Tzvelev (1976) suggested Puccinellia wrightii to be the propable Puccinellia parent, whereas Tzvelev (PAF proposal) suggested that P. tenella might be the parent. X Pucciphippsia czukczorum, in fact, has well developed anthers (field observation by us in 2005) and abundant production of well-formed fruits (specimens in LE and O). If the nearly triploid count is right, this fertility is strange, but some stabilization must have taken place. In morphological appearance, X Pucciphippsia czukczorum resembles X P. vacillans and differs from both Phippsia spp. and Puccinellia spp.

Higher Taxa