Panarctic Flora


342622 Poa glauca Vahl


Northern Iceland: Frequent
Northern Fennoscandia: Scattered
Kanin - Pechora: Rare
Svalbard - Franz Joseph Land: Frequent
Polar Ural - Novaya Zemlya: Scattered
Yamal - Gydan: Rare
Taimyr - Severnaya Zemlya: Rare
Anabar - Onenyo: Frequent
Kharaulakh: Frequent
Yana - Kolyma: Frequent
West Chukotka: Frequent
Wrangel Island: Scattered
South Chukotka: Frequent
East Chukotka: Frequent
Western Alaska: Scattered
Northern Alaska - Yukon: Frequent
Central Canada: Frequent
Hudson Bay - Labrador: Frequent
Ellesmere Island: Frequent
Western Greenland: Frequent
Eastern Greenland: Frequent
Northern arctic Tundra: Scattered
Mid Arctic Tundra: Frequent
Southern Arcti Tundra: Frequent
Shrub Tundra: Frequent
Bordering boreal or alpine areas: Frequent

2n= (1) 42 44 (6x). - Europe (N), Siberia (N), Far East (N), Alaska, Canada, U.S.A. (NE), Greenland. - Numerous reports.
(2) 48 49 50 (7x). - Europe (N), Siberia (N), Far East (N), Alaska. - Several reports.
(3) 54-56 56 (8x). - Europe (N, W), Siberia (N), Far East (N), Alaska, Canada, Greenland. - Numerous reports.
(4) 62 63 65 (9x). - Europe (N), Far East (N), Greenland. - Several reports.
(5) 70 70-72 (10x). - Europe (N, W), Far East (N), Canada, Greenland. - Several reports.

Geography: Circumpolar-alpine: ICE NOR RUS SIB RFE ALA CAN GRL.

Notes: Poa glauca is fairly uniform in the more northern arctic zones but becomes extremely polymorphic in the forest belts and in the boreal mountain ranges, especially in the broadly amphi-Beringian regions. Much of this polymorphy may be due to several taxa being merged inside the current concept of P. glauca, some of it to hybridization, and this latter part may be difficult to classify satisfactorily. Three Russian Far East species proposed in Tzvelev's draft (P. pekulnejensis, P. filiculmis, P. magadanensis) may either be different taxa or may belong to such hybrid swarms. See notes to the aggregate and to P. nemoralis.

Higher Taxa

  • Poa [3426,genus]