Panarctic Flora


340901-02 The Hierochloë alpina aggregate H. alpina, H. orthantha

Geography: Circumpolar-alpine.

Notes: Weimarck accepted two races of Hierochloë alpina: subsp. alpina and subsp. orthantha. There is little or no overlap in morphological characters and a predominant ploidy difference (see below). Rank as two species is probably merited: H. alpina and H. orthantha.

Löve and Löve (1975a) sorted reports of chromosome counts on H. alpina and H. monticola (= H. orthantha) strictly according to the numbers 2n = 56 and 63, omitting all deviating counts. This is contrary to evidence, much of it available before their publication. Below are only accepted numbers referable with good probability to one or the other taxon, either by the author separating them, by voucher specimens, or by strong indications from geography.

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