Panarctic Flora


342010 Calamagrostis purpurea (Trin.) Trin.


Polar Ural - Novaya Zemlya: Rare
Taimyr - Severnaya Zemlya: Presence uncertain
Shrub Tundra: Rare
Bordering boreal or alpine areas: Frequent

2n= 28 (4x). - Russia, Siberia. - At least five reports.

Geography: European (NE) - Asian (N/C): RUS SIB?

Notes: Tzvelev: Calamagrostis purpurea has been collected in the Polar Ural and perhaps reaches the Arctic north of Putorana.

Elven: The probable type specimen of C. purpurea (see above) has well-developed anthers and pollen, usually a sign of sexuality in this genus, and the species is reported to be tetraploid. The northernmost plants in European Russia (e.g., the Polar Ural) and Siberia need confirmation as sexuals. Ivanova (1990) did not map any arctic or near-arctic occurrence for C. purpurea in Siberia.

There are reports of tetraploids assigned under the name C. purpurea from the Arctic in northeastern Asia (Zhukova 1967a, 1980; Yurtsev and Zhukova 1978) but these seem not to have been confirmed by Tzvelev to belong to C. purpurea s. str. We suspect they belong to C. tenuis.

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