Panarctic Flora


3402 Pseudoroegneria (Nevski) Á. Löve


Notes: Tzvelev: Pseudoroegneria is very difficult to keep apart from Elytrigia, especially from sect. Caespitosae with, e.g., E. caespitosa (K. Koch) Nevski from the Caucasus and central Asia and from E. (Pseudoroegneria) strigosa. I am therefore reluctant to accept the genus.

Elven and Murray: Several authors now accept Pseudoroegneria and P. spicata as its only North American representative (e.g., Soreng et al. 2003; Carlson 2007). An argument for acceptance of Pseudoroegneria is that it or a progenitor probably represents one of the diploid genomes behind the assumedly hybridogeneous, mainly tetraploid genus Elymus, see Kellogg (1989). We accept Pseudoroegneria for the Checklist.

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