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3612 Ranunculus L.


Notes: Murray and Elven: Löve and Löve (1956b) and many subsequent authors have assigned the two northern alpine and arctic species Ranunculus glacialis and R. camissonis to the genus Beckwithia Jeps., together with its type species B. andersonii (A. Gray) Jeps. in southwestern U.S.A.. Whittemore (1997) assigned them to sect./subg. Crymodes, based on B. andersonii. The molecular analyses of Hörandl et al. (2005) and Paun et al. (2005) show that Beckwithia (= Crymodes) has support as a genus but then only with its type species B. andersonii. The two northern species are instead related to the European Ranunculus sect. Aconitifolii (e.g., R. platanifolius) but in their own section (see Murray et al. in print).

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