Panarctic Flora


361228 Ranunculus turneri Greene

Geography: Asian (NE) - amphi-Beringian.

Notes: Ranunculus turneri is the northern Asian and Beringian vicariant of R. acris and R. subborealis and overlaps in range with R. subborealis in northern Siberia, with transitions. This species is generally accepted in North America and Russia. The proposal of Hultén and Fries (1986: map 844) to include it in R. acris subsp. pumilus has not found support. Rebristaya (in comment) found R. turneri most closely related to R. glabriusculus.

Two subspecies are recognized. Tolmachev (1971b) mapped the ranges of the two to overlap in West and East Chukotka. Timokhina (1993) accepted subsp. turneri to overlap with subsp. jacuticus as far west as Yakutia. It is perhaps debatable whether subsp. turneri should be recognized from any part of Asia west of East Chukotka.

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