Panarctic Flora


360913 Anemone patens L.

Geography: European - Asian - amphi-Beringian - North American (NW).

Notes: Petrovsky (1971a) discussed the relationships among the Asian and North American Pulsatillas but not their possible relationship to the European and western Siberian Anemone patens. Other authors (e.g., Zamelis 1926; Hultén and Fries 1986; Dutton et al. 1997; Lindell 2001) have considered these taxa widely distributed and parapatric races of one species for which A. patens is the priority name. We follow that approach. The Asian plant denoted Anemone (Pulsatilla) multifida and the North American one previously denoted Anemone (Pulsatilla) hirsutissima or ludoviciana are nearly identical and probably a case of duplicate Russian and American naming. We merge them in one race as done by Dutton et al. (1997).

Higher Taxa