Panarctic Flora


4001 Armeria Willd.


Notes: Many authors treat the coastal North Atlantic Armeria maritima and the arctic circumpolar and partly alpine A. scabra (A. sibirica, A. labradorica) as two subspecies (e.g., Pinto da Silva 1972; Hultén and Fries 1986; Lefèbvre and Vekemans 1995, 2005). They differ in several assumed independently inherited characters, e.g., relative length of calyx and corolla and shape of outer bracts, and A. maritima has dimorphic flowers and is self-incompatible, whereas A. scabra has monomorphic flowers and is self-compatible (Iversen 1940). They are almost never confused. In the two regions where they nearly meet - southwestern Greenland and northern Norway - there are no signs of transitions. We find no reason to treat them as anything but two species: A. maritima and A. scabra.

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