Panarctic Flora


360906 Anemone sibirica L.


2n= See subspecific taxa.

Geography: Asian (C-NE) - amphi-Beringian.

Notes: Murray and Elven: Hultén (1944) proposed the main Siberian and amphi-Beringian plants and the interior Alaskan plants as two races of Anemone narcissiflora: subsp. sibirica and subsp. interior. Our experience is that it is difficult to distinguish consistently between them in western Alaska and that subsp. interior at best can be treated as a race of A. sibirica. We do not know of any subspecific combination within A. sibirica (or Anemonastrum sibiricum). The "interior" plant is entered as a taxon unassigned to rank together with A. sibirica s. str.

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