Panarctic Flora


280101b Iris setosa var. interior E.S. Anderson


Northern Alaska - Yukon: Rare
Shrub Tundra: Rare
Bordering boreal or alpine areas: Frequent

Geography: American Beringian: ALA.

Notes: Rebristaya: I am skeptical to subsp. or var. interior and do not find Asian material assigned to it sufficiently distinct for recognition.

Elven: Rebristaya's skepticism may be due to var. interior being absent from Asia, i.e., her area of concern. In Alaska, var. interior occurs much more in the interior parts than does var. setosa and their ranges are nearly non-overlapping (Hultén 1943b, 1968a). I find var. interior morphologically recognizable on Alaskan material by the few characters cited by Anderson (1936) and Hultén (1968a) and prefers to accept it as a continental Alaskan variety. Anderson (1936: 462) stated the differential characters to be: "Bracts scarious to thickly chartaceous, not foliaceous, somewhat florid, often exceeded by the pedicels". He also stated that var. interior was "merging into the type i.e., [I. setosa s. str.] in the lower valley i.e., the Yukon River valley and along the west coast", and that the "characters ... characterize all the available herbarium material from interior Alaska". Henderson (2002) did not mention var. interior in his treatment of North American Iris.

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