Panarctic Flora


900104 Valeriana wolgensis Kazak.


2n= 28 (4x, x = 7). - Russia. - At least three reports.

Geography: European (E): RUS SIB.

Notes: Minjaev (1977) mapped Valeriana officinalis as quite southern in Russia, which is in accordance with its range in western Europe, and V. wolgensis as the dominant Valeriana in northeastern European Russia. Ockendon (1976) synonymized V. wolgensis with V. officinalis subsp. officinalis but this may not be the best solution (see above). Geographically, V. wolgensis is a continuation of V. sambucifolia eastwards but probably at a lower ploidy level, perhaps corresponding to Löve's concept of V. collina Wallr.

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