Panarctic Flora


890201b Linnaea borealis subsp. americana (J. Forbes) Hultén


Western Alaska: Rare
Northern Alaska - Yukon: Scattered
Central Canada: Rare
Hudson Bay - Labrador: Scattered
Western Greenland: Scattered
Eastern Greenland: Rare
Mid Arctic Tundra: Presence uncertain
Southern Arcti Tundra: Scattered
Shrub Tundra: Frequent
Bordering boreal or alpine areas: Frequent

2n= 32 (4x). - Canada, U.S.A. - Several reports.

Geography: North American: ALA CAN GRL.

Notes: Hultén (1960) found the Pacific American Linnaea borealis var. longiflora Torr. in Wilkes, U.S. Expl. Exped. 17: 327 (1874), less different from the mainly Eurasian subsp. linnaeana than from the trans-American subsp. americana. Two American races are therefore accepted but var. longiflora does not reach the Arctic.

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