Panarctic Flora


580261 Salix alaxensis (Andersson) Coville


2n= 38 (2x). - Far East (N), Alaska, Canada. - At least five reports.

Geography: Asian (N) - amphi-Beringian - North American (NW).

Notes: Argus and Elven: Variety longistylis occurs mainly within the range of Salix alaxensis s. str. in northwestern North America. It is frequent in western Alaska and rare in northern Alaska and the Yukon Territory. It differs essentially in a single character: degree of pubescence. This character might be ecologically determined. Argus (2007, 2010) accepted the variety with some discussion.

Elven: The species is increasingly often planted in northern parts of Iceland and Norway (e.g., close to the arctic township of Vardø), has started to escape, and may soon be documented from the Arctic in Europe.

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