Panarctic Flora


580246-47 The Salix boganidensis aggregate S. arbusculoides, S. boganidensis

Geography: Asian (N) - amphi-Beringian - North American (NW).

Notes: Yurtsev: Salix arbusculoides and S. boganidensis are very similar and rank as two subspecies might be considered.

Argus and Elven: Argus (1973) suggested that S. arbusculoides and S. boganidensis may be conspecific. Their ranges are almost continuous with a relatively small break in the Bering Sea region. In a phenetic study (Argus 1997), they clustered together and had a phenetic similarity at the level of other species pairs (numbers in parentheses are dissimilarity values): S. cinerea and S. caprea (0.1386), S. pedicellaris and S. myrtilloides (0.1506), S. arbusculoides and S. boganidensis (0.1610), S. arctica and S. sphenophylla (0.1727), S. lanata and S. richardsonii (0.1766), S. calcicola and S. lanata (0.1835), and S. bebbiana and S. starkeana (0.1840). We accept two species in an aggregate.

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