Panarctic Flora


580201 Salix triandra L.

2n= (1) 38 (2x, x = 19). - Europe, Russia. - Several reports.
(2) 44 (2x, x = 22). - Europe (W, E). - At least five reports.
(3) 57 (3x, x = 19). - Europe (Slovakia). - Fedorova-Sarkissova (1946).
(4) 88 (4x, x = 22). - Europe. - At least five reports.
The deviating numbers of 2n = 44 and 88 are supported by voucher specimens from Slovakia and Slovenia, seen and accepted as this species by T. Berg and R. Elven.

Geography: European - Asian (W).

Notes: Rechinger and Akeroyd (1993a) accepted two races of Salix triandra: the European subsp. triandra and the European and western Siberian subsp. discolor. They are largely allopatric but the reported diagnostic characters are inconclusive (colour of the blade lower surface, relative length of petiole and blade) and their ranges are not known in detail. Subspecies discolor is the race reported from northeastern European Russia and northwestern Siberia.

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