Panarctic Flora


360707 Delphinium ochotense Nevski


Kharaulakh: Scattered
Shrub Tundra: Rare
Bordering boreal or alpine areas: Rare

Geography: Asian (NE): SIB.

Notes: Delphinium ochotense is an eastern Siberian and Far East plant related to D. elatum but most probably specifically distinct. It occurs in two separate population groups. Yurtsev (1971) stated that: "These relationships the geographical ones call into question whether the two populations of D. ochotense should not be treated as two closely related subspecies of D. elatum".

Yurtsev in 2000: I now find no morphological grounds for distinguishing the two population groups of D. ochotense as two subspecies and assume that there may be a connection along the west slope of the Verkhoyansk Range. Delphinium ochotense is a moderately tall herb with stems densely pilose with soft, somewhat flexuose, patent or somewhat retrorse pubescence with an admixture of short glandular hairs, leaves rounded-cordate or reniform vs. with deeply cordate base with somewhat overlapping margins in D. elatum s. str., dissected 4/5 towards middle into three broad lobes with rounded teeth vs. dissected 2/3-3/4 towards middle into three rhomboid lobes with subacute teeth.

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