Panarctic Flora


360605 Thalictrum minus L.


Geography: European - Asian - amphi-Beringian.

Notes: Thalictrum minus s. lat. is polymorphic. There is no satisfactory proposal for subdivision applicable yet to its entire range. Jonsell (2001c) divided the northwestern European plants on three subspecies, one (subsp. kemense) as northern. He considered subsp. kemense possibly worth specific rank. Elven (1994) and Elven et al. (2005) accepted T. kemense and also Yurtsev (in comment) found specific rank acceptable. Friesen (1993) divided the Siberian material of T. minus on three subspecies and reported all three to reach the Arctic: subsp. minus along the lower Ob and Jenisei rivers (Borderline Arctic), subsp. globiflorum in Polar Ural and along the lower Ob River, and subsp. kemense in Taimyr. We provisionally accept also subsp. minus and subsp. globiflorum with arctic presence. Luferov (1995, the Russian Far East) accepted only the species but commented on subsp. kemense and a non-arctic subsp. thunbergii. Boivin (1944) found the Alaskan plants different enough, based on size of the fruit and a denser and more leafy inflorescence, to describe them as T. hultenii. A circumpolar revision is obviously needed.

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