Panarctic Flora


360101e Caltha palustris subsp. violacea (A.P. Khokhr.) Luferov


West Chukotka: Present (Frequency unknown)
South Chukotka: Present (Frequency unknown)
East Chukotka: Present (Frequency unknown)
Shrub Tundra: Present (Frequency unknown)
Bordering boreal or alpine areas: Present (Frequency unknown)


Geography: Asian (NE): RFE.

Notes: Also Caltha palustris subsp. violacea needs some additional justification. Whereas it first was accepted as a species and later as a subspecies, Luferov (1995) included it in the synonymy of C. palustris together with var. sibirica but accepted both C. arctica and C. caespitosa as species. Sekretareva (1999, 2004) accepted a subspecies and reported it from the Arctic in the Russian Far East. Entered provisionally.

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