Panarctic Flora


900103 Valeriana sambucifolia J.C. Mikan ex Pohl


2n= 56 (8x, x = 7). - Europe (N, C). - Numerous reports for all subspecies.

Geography: European.

Notes: Anfred Pedersen (unpubl.) has revised the northwestern European material of the polymorphic Valeriana sambucifolia for Flora Nordica. He divided it on three races: the maritime subsp. salina (Pleijel) Nordh. (V. salina Pleijel) and the mainly non-maritime subsp. sambucifolia and subsp. procurrens (V. procurrens). Subspecies salina is restricted to the Baltic coasts and Skagerrak and does not reach or approach the Arctic. Pedersen considered subsp. sambucifolia a southern race in Scandinavia, barely reaching north of the boreonemoral zone. He assigned all plants from the more northern parts of Scandinavia to subsp. procurrens.

Ockendon (1976) synonymized V. murmanica with V. salina. Valeriana murmanica was described from the Rybachi Peninsula in northwestern European Russia (Orlova 1966a) and is probably only depauperate V. sambucifolia subsp. procurrens that grows on or near the seashores, as it does straight up to the border in Norway within sight of the Rybachi Peninsula. The illustration of V. murmanica in Flora Murmanskoi Oblast clearly shows a V. sambucifolia (subsp. procurrens) and not a subsp. salina and the description suggests likewise.

Elven and Solstad: The situation in Iceland is not resolved, neither as to whether one or two taxa are present, whether they are introduced or native (or both), or what names are relevant. Pedersen may have revised the material in C (which we have not inspected) but not than in ICEL or AMHN (which we have looked at). We provisionally enter an "Icelandic race" for reasons given below.

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